2017 had been a great year. There have been a lot of fun moments, exciting moments, scary moments and sad moments, but all of these things have made me the person I am now.


Some really fun moments have been the 2017 camp at Cape Bridgewater, preparing for graduation (Learning the dance, writing cards to our parents and filming our interviews) Another fun moment but also a scary moment was high school orientation. That was a really good experience, I made a lot of new friends but I will also never forget my old ones.


Some exciting moments have been the actual graduation night. Going to dinner with friends and performing the dance in front of our friends and family.


I have 2 scary moments that have actually stuck with me. The 1st one was when Miette, Sarah, Ella and I found 2 enormous bugs on the little kid’s playground. They were massive and by the end we found out that they could also fly. My 2nd scary moment was when Mietta and I were at the school picnic. It was pouring rain and we were trying to find our way around the school without getting wet so we went through the office with all the lights of (It was really dark) and I was extremely scared. (It looked like an abandoned school) So… Mietta decided to run around the corner and literally scared me to death.


My one and only sad moment was saying goodbye to all my friends. Saying goodbye was truly the worst part of primary school. It was so sad but I hope that I keep all of the friends I have made.

Primary school has been and unforgettable journey that will stick with me forever.


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