The Honest Truth Book Report

NAME: The Honest Truth

AUTHOR: Dan Gemeinhart


This book was about a boy called Mark who has cancer. He was sick of all the treatments and people telling him that he was ”sick” so he decided to run away from it all, and climb up Mount Rainer. After everyone realises that he is gone they all get worried. He was on the news and everyone was on the look out for him. Read the book to see if he makes it up Mount Rainer.


Yes, I really enjoyed this book. It was very interesting and intriguing. It was also very emotional at the end.


MARK: Mark is the main character. He has cancer but he is very courageous and brave.

BEAU: Beau is Mark’s dog who comes along on the journey. He is a very loyal dog.

JESS: Jess is Mark’s best friend. She is very tough for being able to go through this situation.

GENRE: Adventure

THEME: Courage and loss


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