Read like a reader and a writer


Predict – I think that this short story will be about a girl or boy that has recently turned 11 but she still feels 10.


Question – How long did it take her to start saying that she was 11 instead of 10?


Infer – I can infer that this story is about a girl because it doesn’t say that it is a girl but it says Rachel which is a girls name.


Connect – I can connect because when I turned 11 I still didn’t feel 11 I still felt 10. For the next two months I kept say I was 10 but I was actually 11.


Feel – I didn’t feel very many emotions while reading this text because I didn’t think that it was very engaging. I think if it had more interesting words and something that people have experienced before it would draw us into the text.


Evaluate – Personally I didn’t really enjoy this text. I thought it could have been a bit more interesting and engaging. I didn’t think that the story line was very good because the problem wasn’t really an actual problem.


Ideas – I think the ideas of this story were really good, they were really engaging and I actually wanted to read all 10 pages of this story. It was a really good ending that had a great meaning to it.


Organisation – I think this text was structured well. The paragraphs were in a good order and they made sense in the order they were in.


Voice – When little Ania was mad there was a lot of emotion in what she was saying. She was screaming and yelling and you could tell that she was mad. When the old man was talking it seemed a bit calmer. You can tell how the character is feeling by what they are saying.


Word Choice – I thought that the word choice was very good. This story was very engaging and I think that the word choice definitely made me want to keep reading it.


Sentence Fluency – This story had both compound and complex sentences. I think it was good how the author used both because you can’t just have sentences that take up about 2 lines, you have to have a mix of both. I think the time where shorter sentences were used most was when a character was talking.


Conventions – The conventions in this story were very good. I didn’t find any spelling, punctuation or grammar mistakes. Overall I think the story was very well edited.




3 thoughts on “Read like a reader and a writer

  1. I think that your refection as good all round. the ways you explained things was very and it was detailed.

  2. Hi Stella. I think that your reflection on Little Ania was very detailed and descriptive. You could have extended on some of the parts but it was very good.
    Mietta 😃😃

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