100WC #9 … in the flash of lightening I saw …

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In the flash of lightening I saw it. The poor little fellow was lying down on his back struggling to get up. His little head was peering out of his hard green shell. He tried to see if anyone was around to help him up, but he just couldn’t see anything. It was too foggy outside for a human to see anything let alone him. The storm had frightened the whole entire town. Everyone was afraid to get out of their house, no one was being brave besides this fearless, little turtle. I was so proud to be his dad.

1 thought on “100WC #9 … in the flash of lightening I saw …

  1. Wow Stella this is a really emotional. The way you have written it is really the way that people will wanna read it more! But sometimes look out for commas! But other than that everything is very good!

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