All about ME!


I’m Stella, I’m 11 years old and my birthday is the 9th of November. I don’t have any sibling which means that I typically have nothing to do at home besides watch YouTube and scroll through my Instagram feed on my cats Instagram account. (Cause I’m not allowed one) So as you can tell I live a pretty boring life. A boring, siblingless life. A boring, siblingless, dogless life.

Now, you should know that I have some serious addictions to:

  • Dogs (Especially pugs and French bulldogs)

  • My cat Fuzby

  • Pizza

So now that you know what I like I think you should know what I don’t like, for example: chocolate, tomatoes, pekingese (It’s a hideous breed of dog), the word “danger” and coffee.

Over the holidays I went to Rye with my cousins for New Year’s Day and we played a butt load of board games and we played with their dog Tessa (Border collie) who may or may not have used a random little girls lap as a toilet.  (BTW she did)

On the holidays I also went bowling and nearly fractured my back, but I’ve already told everyone that story. But if I have already told you skip this paragraph but if I haven’t told you keep reading.

So the sign said do not step over the line and guess what I did? I stepped over the line and my legs flew up in the air and I landed on my back and elbows. (I know, from now on I’m going to listen to the rules)

And that is all about me! If you have any questions or queries contact me on: **** *** *** CONTACT ME! (Because you totally know what those random stars mean)



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